Sense of Place, Arbutus Gallery,

CVAC, Duncan, B.C.

April 2nd-28th

For the last thirty I have not ventured far from the estuary of the Cowichan Valley where my wife and I spend our fall, winter and spring and at Pasley Island in Howe Sound where we spend our summers. The natural beauty and seasonal moods in both places are varied and inspiring, providing fresh subject matter for our drawings and paintings.

Drawing and painting from nature fosters an exchange between what lies inside my mind, heart and body and what lies outside in the natural world. The exchange involves call and response. The hard angles of stone, the arabesque of a branch and the shape of a wave breaking on the shore are alive and specific in their character and call forth different qualities of line or brushwork. Orchestrating and arranging these qualities into a work of art is an act of joy. My aim is to get that joy into the picture. Furthermore, participating in the natural world over and over in this way erases some of the separation I experience in nature and draws me closer to its living presence. Through the level of attention that making a picture requires, the unfamiliar becomes more known and intimate. Repeating this process of drawing and painting in the same locations over many years has deepened my sense of place.

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